Travel in the off season

The most expensive single item when travelling is airfares and accommodation and both get cheaper in the off season. There will also be fewer tourists about and you might even glimpse the locals!

Research the neighborhood you’re staying in before you leave

Print out a Google map, and have a look on street view. If you’re travelling by taxi you will be less likely to be ripped off if you know exactly where you’re going and what your hotel looks like.

Keep track of your budget

The best way to save money is to know what you’re spending every day. Work out your budget, convert it into the local currency and keep track of how much you have to spend each day. Buy a journal and write down everything you spend – if you’ve overspent one day, you’ll know that it’s time to be a little more frugal.

Plan your sightseeing

if you want to see a range of things during the day, start with the one furthest from your accommodation and work your way back. Walk between some sights, catch some public transport and end up close to where you’re staying. You’ll save yourself time, money and energy travelling in just one direction rather than trekking all across a city.

Stay near a University

Not only will you find cheap accommodation during student holidays, but there will be heaps of local shops, bars and restaurants used to discounting for the student population so you’re more likely to get good prices. Universities are also served by good public transport that will go begging in the off season.

Wander through a park

Outdoor travel is always cheaper than indoors, so go for a walk in a beautiful garden and save some money.

Travel light

Airlines charge a fortune for excess luggage. If you’re staying away for a long time, consider sending some of your clothes home when the seasons change – that way you won’t have to pay airlines to transport clothes you’re not wearing anymore.

Don’t use your mobile phone except in emergencies

Mobile roaming charges can be enormous and you can be charged for receiving calls while you’re overseas. Take an old handset with you and buy a pre-paid SIM when you get to your destination.

Do your own laundry

A packet of washing powder and a few minutes in a laundromat can save you a packet. Even better, try to stay in hotels, hostels or apartments that have washing machines.

Research festivals and free activities

Many cities have a festival for a week or more where the city lays on free entertainment. Not only will you get to see a city at its best, you’ll have free sights to see instead of paying.