The term ‘gold cover travel insurance ’ might be unfamiliar to some globetrotters. Gold cover travel insurance basically refers to the very top level of cover available – with all the trimmings.

There is a common misconception that comprehensive cover is a specific insurance option, implying that other forms of insurance are withholding certain inclusions or benefits from the customer.

In reality, the distinction between the levels of cover is more about tailoring insurance to individual needs.

There is no such thing as an all-encompassing insurance policy. There will always be some exclusions to bear in mind. Exclusions can be specific to an individual benefit, apply to conditions or circumstances such as:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Deliberate exposure to danger, or self-inflicted harm
  • Vehicle operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or without a valid licence
  • Civil unrest, war or military activity
  • Nuclear explosions or disasters
  • Illegal activity
  • Government action in your destination.

Gold cover travel insurance, or premium insurance, will cover everything that the lower-level policies cover, plus you’ll get extra benefits. As a result, gold cover will cost more.

Typically, gold insurance will allow you increased cover on cancellation fees, lost deposits, lost or stolen luggage and personal effects, as well as substantial personal liability. Some companies even offer a higher level policy that provides unlimited financial cover for all of the above, as well as cash, documents and credit cards. Credit card travel insurance is especially desirable for holidaymakers.

If you want perfect peace of mind during your getaway, consider an upgrade to a higher value policy. But don’t immediately leap to the most expensive or indeed the cheapest policy available. Shop around, read all details carefully and make an informed decision about the cover best suited to your needs.