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Travel Savings with Group Travel

Buying in bulk is always cheaper, and you can make great savings if you travel in a group. Here’s how to make your numbers count:

Bulk beds

If the idea of staying in a hostel fazes you, consider if it would be different if all the people in your dorm were your friends. Hostels often have 4 or 6 bed dorms that can be booked by a group – no worries about security or safety if everyone in your room is a bosom buddy.

Rental cars are cheap if they’re full

While travelling on trains or buses is cheaper than a single person renting a car, renting a car can become cheap if you add up four train fares. With four drivers and petrol split amongst the group, you can save a bundle.

Hire a guide

Guided tours can be pre-packaged and generic, but with a large enough group you can hire your own guide and tailor the tour to your own needs. In destinations such as Asia and Africa, it’s often the only way to see major sights – making sure that everyone on your tour is a friend can make your day a lot more enjoyable.

Step up to an apartment

If you’re travelling in a group, particularly if there are couples involved, a more comfortable type of accommodation might be an apartment. Many will sleep 6 easily and have fully equipped kitchens, cutting down on cooking expenses.

Buy your food at supermarkets

family-sized packet of cereal is inconvenient for one person, but can be economical if you’re splitting it amongst friends. If you eat all of it in one sitting, no one has to carry the left-overs. If you’re staying in an apartment you can do a full shop and save on all meals.